Cascade Township owns and maintains three cemeteries:
  • Cascade Cemetery, 7200 30th St.
  • Snow Cemetery, 3131 Snow Ave.
  • Whitneyville Cemetery, 5601 Whitneyville 

A current resident of Cascade Township qualifies for two burial sites at no cost. These sites are assigned at the time of need. One may be reserved for the surviving spouse. The family is responsible for charges related to opening and closing of the site.

Full Interment Charges:
$500.00 (M-F until 4:30 pm)
$550.00 (M-F after 4:30 pm or on Saturday)

Cremation Charge: $  75.00
Headstones and foundation settings are paid directly to the monument company chosen by the family.
A reservation fee for unused sites is paid by previous residents now living outside the Township. (Non-resident fee of $10/per gravesite/per year).

Care and Maintenance

May I Decorate the Burial Site?


  • Annual or perennial flowers planted within one foot of the headstone.
  • Urns or metal baskets placed at the ends of the headstones.
  • Artificial flowers within one foot of the headstone or in urns or baskets. PLEASE REMOVE BY OCTOBER 1ST AND APRIL 1ST.
  • Shepherd's hook to hold planter.


  • Benches
  • Trees, shrubbery or roses
  • Evergreens
  • Fences, railings, edging or walls
  • Gravel, brick, stone, wood, chips or marble around the headstone.
  • Anything in the walkway or hanging in trees (i.e. wind chimes, etc.)
  • Landscaping Lights
  • Stick Pins/Yard Art (other than flowers)

What Care of the Burial Site is Provided?

The cemeteries are mowed and walkway bushes are trimmed by the Township. The staff does not fertilize or water the cemeteries.   Do not sprinkle water on headstones, as the water contains iron which could discolor them.  Please return pail to faucet after use.  Water supply is turned off from the second week of October through the second week of April.
Staff will remove and dispose of all gravesite decorations after the first week of October and the first week of April.

Is Protection of the Cemetery Provided?

Cascade Cemetery gates are locked between dusk and 8:00 am.  (During winter months the center gate remains locked, but the side gates are open 8:00 am to dusk.)  The Cemeteries are patrolled by the Kent County Sheriff’s Department.

Columbarium Burials

Township Residents may choose a niche in any one of our three Columbaria.  There is a charge for the purchase of a niche ($400.00). Two cremations per niche are allowed in specified urns.  To ensure uniformity, only one plaque per niche and its engraving is to be purchased.  Payment is required at the time of selection.
Cut flowers may be placed on either side of the Columbarium which may be removed at the Townships discretion.

Cemetery Finder

View information and maps of the Cascade Township cemeteries. Use the Cemetery Finder as your search functions or zoom into the area you are interested in.