Frequent Treasurer Questions

When are property taxes due?
The summer taxes are mailed by July 1, payable without interest or penalties until September 14.  The winter taxes are mailed December 1, payable without interest or penalties until February 14.

Can I still pay my property taxes at the Township?
The township collects both summer and winter taxes until February 28 of each year.  Kent County collects the taxes after that date.  The exception is business personal property taxes.

What is the millage rate?
The millage rate depends on the school district in which you live. Cascade Charter Township collects for Caledonia Community Schools, Forest Hills Public Schools and Lowell Area Schools. The millage rates are estimations until July 1 and December 1. You may call the treasurer's office at (616) 949-6944.

Does the parcel have any special assessments or outstanding invoices?
Special assessment questions should be directed to the Finance Department at 949-1500. You may also access the information through the website on our property information software.