The DDA fiscal year works on the calendar year (January – December).  The proposed budget is submitted to the Township Manager/Board in September.  The Township Board reviews the budget and adopts it in December.  The DDA reviews the adopted budget at their January meeting. 


The DDA’s financial statements are included in the Township’s audited financial statements as a component unit and are not audited separately.  

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Tax Increment Financing Act 57 Annual Reports

PDF Icon 2021 Annual Report
PDF Icon 2020 Annual Report
PDF Icon 2019 Annual Report
PDF Icon 2018 Annual Report
PDF Icon 2017 Annual Report
PDF Icon 2016 Annual Report
PDF Icon 2015 Annual Report

DDA Financial Reserves

As of December 31, 2021, the DDA had $1,425,600 in its fund balance. As the 2011 TIF Development Plan describes, this balance is expected to contribute to the following projects which require a larger amount of investment:
  • Ongoing Maintenance of District infrastructure - $70,000
  • Support of Public Transportation - $220,000
  • Creation of Public Gathering Spaces with amenities - $3,500,000

Contracts & Services 

In compliance with Public Act 57 and the DDA’s desire to be transparent with the community, below is a list of current contracts and management services provided to the DDA.
Aquarius Lawn Sprinkling
Lawn Sprinkling

Foster Swift
     Legal Service

Municipal Web Services
     Website Hosting & Development 

     Engineering Services

     Strategic Planning
     Planning Services

     Planning/Engineering Services