Fee Schedule

Effective December 10,1998

Planning Department Fees

If additional review is necessary after project approval it will be charged at an hourly rate of $45.00, with a minimum charge of $20.00.

Zoning Verification Letters

To realtors, mortgage officers, appraisers etc. $20.00

To resident property owner there is no charge.

Activity Fixed Fee Account Escrow Account*
Admin. Site Plan Review $150.00 NA
Deferred Parking Processing fee $40.00 NA
Site Plan Review NA $500.00
Plat Review NA $500.00
Rezoning NA $500.00
Special Use Type I NA $500.00
Special Use Type II NA $500.00
Special Use (residential) $100.00 NA
New Project NA $500.00
Amendment NA $500.00
Site Condo NA $500.00
Residential $100.00 NA
Non-Residential NA $500.00
Lot Split    
Platted $100.00 NA
Unplatted $40.00 NA

NA = Not Available
*per Resolution 24 of 1994 and 73 of 1998
**Special ZBA meeting shall cost an additional $125.00