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Notice is hereby given that the Cascade Township Downtown Development Authority (DDA) will hold an Informational Meeting on Tuesday, October 18, 2022.  This informational meeting will begin immediately after the conclusion of the regularly scheduled DDA Board meeting, which begins at 5:30 p.m. at the Cascade Library Wisner Center located at 2870 Jacksmith Dr. SE.  This meeting will be to share goals and direction of the authority and discuss future plans in the DDA district.  

The DDA Board has posted their meeting schedule in the Government section of the website. 

The DDA Board has posted their meeting agendas, minutes and packets in the Reference Desk section of the website.  

The Cascade Charter Township Downtown Development Authority was created in June 1993 and is designed as the primary mechanism for the implementation of a broad range of improvement projects along 28th Street and into the Village area. In March 2003, the boundaries of the DDA district were expanded to include 28th Street, west of the I-96 interchange and in 2004 they were again expanded to include Centennial Business Park. To view the boundaries of the DDA District, click here to view the DDA Map.

Actions of the DDA

The DDA Board of Directors has been very productive in planning and implementing projects to improve the DDA district since 1993. Please click here to view the list of projects completed within the district.    

Downtown Development Authorities

Today there are nearly three hundred (300) active Downtown Development Authorities throughout Michigan. DDA’s are enabled by Public Act 197 of 1975, as amended and operate as special purpose authorities appointed by local governing bodies to carry out specific tasks. These include the planning and improvement of downtown areas through the construction of a broad range of eligible public facilities (e.g. streetscape, utilities, parks, landscaping, pathways etc.) and assistance to developers in the improvement of real estate within the DDA’s Development Area. The DDA is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of the Township Supervisor and eight (8) other members appointed by the Supervisor with the approval of the Township Board of Trustees. The DDA is a public body and must conduct itself in accordance with all of the Michigan Statutes governing the operation of public agencies.

Please click here for a short presentation on the purpose of DDA's and how they are funded.  

Tax Increment Financing

One of the most significant resources available to a DDA is Tax Increment Financing. This tool allows the DDA to "capture" additional valuation added to an approved Development Area after adoption of a Tax Increment Financing and Development Plan by the DDA and the Township Board of Trustees. All local millages (except local and intermediate school millages) are applied to this captured valuation, and the result is the tax increment retained by the DDA for use in accordance with the adopted Tax Increment Financing and Development Plan. In the case of the Cascade Township DDA, this means that the millages of the Township, Kent County, Kent District Library and Grand Rapids Community College are subject to capture.

Role of the DDA Board

The Board of Directors of the DDA will assist in the implementation of the projects contained in the Cascade Charter Township Downtown Development Plan and Tax Increment Financing Plan for Downtown Improvements. Specific duties of the Board include:
  • Developing and adopting an annual budget. After approval by the DDA Board, this budget is forwarded to the Township Board of Trustees and is effective upon approval by the Trustees.
  • Retaining professional consultants for planning, engineering, market analysis and legal functions and, if desired, hiring staff.
  • Reviewing and adopting a Tax Increment Financing and Development Plan.
  • Guiding the implementation of the TIF and Development Plan along with other activities to be funded or undertaken by the DDA.
  • Planning for the economic and physical development of the DDA District.