Commercial and Industrial

Commercial, industrial and utility property valuations comprise 37.3% of the Township current Total Taxable Value. Products produced by manufacturers in the Township include metal and plastic products for the automotive and aerospace industries, tools and dies, packaging materials, publications and furniture and wood products. Commercial establishments in the Township include several large supermarkets, a large hotel complex, as well as several motels, several retail plazas offering a wide variety of goods and services and many other modern professional office buildings. Several commercial and industrial companies have their corporate headquarters located within the Township.

Access To Transportation

A combination of limited access highways – Interstate I-96 and I-196, U.S. 131 and M-6 connect the Township and the greater Grand Rapids area with principal areas of Northern Michigan and intersect the Indiana Turnpike approximately 70 miles south, providing access to Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York and Illinois toll roads. The Gerald R. Ford International Airport, located within the Township, is served by eight major commercial airlines.

Major Utility Suppliers

The residents of Cascade Charter Township are supplied electricity by Consumers Energy, natural gas is furnished by DTE Energy and Consumers Energy and telephone service is provided by SBC, as well as TDS Metrocom. Pursuant to a written service agreement, sanitary sewer and water service is provided to industrial, commercial and some residential areas of the Township by the City of Grand Rapids. Other residents have private septic systems and water wells.