Update - Beard Farms Neighborhood Road Work

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7/29/21 - Update: Beard Farms Neighborhood

Superior Asphalt Co. will be wrapping up the Beard/Mont-Rue area early next week. Mon-Wed.

7/26/21 Update: Beard Farms Neighborhood

Nagel construction Co. is currently placing the steal castings back to approximately 1 1/2" high to allow for the top course of asphalt to be placed.
Superior Asphalt is planning on paving middle to end of the week in the Beard plat area (11 total roads). Wednesday would be the earliest although weather is always a factor. If there are no rain delays and no other issues, KCRC assumes they would be there Wednesday/Thursday. 

Since they started with Boxthorn Ct, Linson Ct, Part of Mont-Rue, and Beard, KCRC assumes they would be completed on the first day back. It took 4 days to complete each task.

It shouldn’t be an issue of the road damaging your car. More of an issue of a vehicle damaging the road. There is usually one way traffic available.

The biggest help would be to stay off of the new mat while be placed and rolled. Once the rollers have moved beyond your driveway you can drive on it. We don’t want people parking on it. It could possibly "rut" where the tires are especially on the edge.

Landscapers, lawn care, garbage trucks, and postal carriers tend to mar the edges the worst. With the cooler nights, the curing time speeds up. If we can keep everyone from parking on for 24-48 hours life would be good.
Notice to:     Beard Farms Neighborhood - Road Resurfacing Begins July 19, 2021

Road: Beard Farms Neighborhood
Limits: Cascade Township
Work: Resurfacing 

Start: 07/19/21


Traffic: Expect Delays
Authority: KCRC
Contractor: Superior Asphalt
Funding: 50% KCRC/50% Cascade Township

The Kent County Road Commission (KCRC) in collaboration with Cascade Township is contracting with Superior Asphalt to complete a full-width repaving of select local streets:

Beard Farms

  • Arbor Tree Court: Burton Street to End
  • Beard Drive: Cascade Road to End
  • Boxthorn Court: Beard Drive to End
  • Chamonix Court: Mont-Rue Drive to End
  • Champagne Court: Mont-Rue Drive to End
  • Forest Shores Drive: Cascade Road to End
  • Galbraith Avenue: Cascade Road to End
  • Kitzbuhl Court: Mont-Rue Drive to End
  • Linson Court: Mont-Rue Drive to End
  • MacNider Avenue: Cascade Road to End
  • Mont-Rue Drive: Cascade Road to Beard Drive
  • Grachen Drive: Thornapple Drive to Mount Ash
  • Mount Ash: Thornapple Drive to Grachen Drive

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