2021 Local Road Resurfacing

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Notice to Cascade Township Property Owners Regarding Local Street Resurfacing

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The Kent County Road Commission, in collaboration with Cascade Township, is contracting with Superior Asphalt to complete a full-width repaving of select local streets. If you are receiving this letter, your street has been selected for resurfacing during the 2021 construction season.

About the Project: The resurfacing project will include the repaving of streets with hot mix asphalt.

Property Access: Access to residences will be maintained during the project. However, gravel ramps to driveways may be removed for brief periods. These restricted periods will be kept to a minimum.
  • If you need access to your driveway during paving work, please connect with an on-site contractor or inspector who can assist you.
 Sprinklers, Invisible Dog Fences, Homeowner-Placed Utilities: Underground sprinkling systems, invisible dog fencing or other private homeowner-placed underground utilities are not permitted in the public right-of-way. This is the area that directly abuts the road and generally extends about 15 feet past the pavement on either side of the road. If you have one or more of these in the right-of-way, please note:
  • If you have a sprinkler system, invisible fence or other private underground lines within 3 feet of the road, it is your responsibility to flag or stake the area before the paving work begins.
  • When possible, the contractor will make every attempt to not harm the marked assets.
  • Any damage to homeowner-placed underground lines or utilities will be the owner’s responsibility.
  • Homeowners are asked to turn off sprinkler zones that border the road for the project’s duration.
Schedule: KCRC offers its contractors flexibility in scheduling to achieve the best contract price possible. This stretches tax dollars and allows for more miles of road improvements.
  • Work may be conducted anytime between 7 a.m. and 8 p.m. Monday through Saturday. Occasional Sunday work may be required to complete the project within the contracted time frame.
  • KCRC will make every effort to post yard signs before the start of the project that read: “Please Do Not Park on Roads.” Once these signs are posted, the project will begin within 48 hours.
  • Factors such as weather, equipment issues or simultaneous projects may impact the timing of work, so the “exact” day-to-day schedule cannot be provided.
Restoration: Upon completion of the project, grass in the right-of-way will be restored by KCRC within two to four weeks. Topsoil and grass seed will be placed in disturbed areas. It is the homeowner’s responsibility to water and maintain the area to assist with regrowth.

General information about the project is available at kentcountyroads.net and cascadetwp.com. Questions may be directed to KCRC’s Maintenance Division at 616.242.6950.

2021 Resurfacing: Current List of Roads
Schedule is to be determined and work is to be completed within contract limits: June 1 to Oct. 31.
Beard Farms
  • Arbor Tree Court: Burton Street to end
  • Beard Drive: Cascade Road to end
  • Boxthorn Court: Beard Drive to end
  • Chamonix Court: Mont-Rue Drive to end
  • Champagne Court: Mont-Rue Drive to end
  • Forest Shores Drive: Cascade Road to end
  • Galbraith Avenue: Cascade Road to end
  • Kitzbuhl Court: Mont-Rue Drive to end
  • Linson Court: Mont-Rue Drive to end
  • MacNider Avenue: Cascade Road to end
  • Mont-Rue Drive: Cascade Road to Beard Drive

 Kraft Industrial Park
  • Glenwood Hills Parkway:
    Kraft Avenue to end
  • Eagle Drive: Kraft Avenue to end
  • 33rd Street:
    Patterson Avenue to Kraft Avenue
  • Raleigh Drive:
    36th Street to 33rd Street
  • Innovation Court:
    33rd Street to end
  • Sysco Court: 36th Street to end
  • Kraft Avenue: 36th Street to end

Centennial Park
  • Charlevoix Drive:
    28th Street to Tahoe Drive
  • Coach Road:
    Kraft Avenue to Foremost Drive
  • Foremost Drive:
    28th Street to Charlevoix Drive
  • Lucerne Drive:
    Tahoe Drive to 28th Street
  • Orchard Vista Drive:
    Foremost Drive to Charlevoix Drive
  • Tahoe Drive:
    Charlevoix Drive to Thornhills Drive
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