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Cascade Township, Michigan
Serene Vistas...  Plentiful Trees...  Two Rivers...  One Community...
Serene Vistas...  Plentiful Trees...  Two Rivers...  One Community...

Economic Development

DDA/Economic Development Director Sandra Korhorn
Phone: (616) 949-1500

Department Info:
2865 Thornhills Ave. SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49546-7192
Phone: (616) 949-1500
Monday - Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm
(Except Holidays)
The Economic Development Department strives to attract and retain new businesses to Cascade Charter Township, while maintaining a healthy business environment in an effort to enhance the lives of Cascade Charter Township residents, create more jobs and allow businesses in the community to thrive.

Economic Development and Incentives
The Economic Development Department uses incentive programs and works closely with businesses to encourage and promote investment and redevelopment within the community. With a focus on both attraction and retention, Cascade Township is fortunate to have a diverse mix of business types, from retail, restaurants and hotels to manufacturing, auto dealers and office parks. Cascade Township is also home to the region’s largest airport.
Thanks to this broad mix, new businesses find that Cascade Township is a fantastic option when considering an new, expanded or additional location for business growth. We offer several incentives, programs and resources to businesses in effort to assist in developing commercial property or opening a business, which are listed below.   
Incentive Programs Available Through Cascade Charter Township
Development Support – The Downtown Development Authority aims to encourage and facilitate strategic new private investment in the DDA Development Area, known as The District.
In accordance with the DDA Act (Public 197 of 1975, as amended) and the Cascade Charter Township Downtown Development Authority 2011 District Development Plan and Tax Increment Financing Plan for Downtown Improvements (as amended and as may be amended), the DDA board has the authority to support the development or redevelopment of properties in The District. This is done by entering into development agreements with private parties, reimbursing those private parties for eligible expenses related to the construction of necessary public facilities, in conjunction with new private development projects.
Commercial Rehabilitation Act – The Commercial Rehabilitation Tax Abatement Act was adopted by the State of Michigan as a means of providing a stimulus in the form of tax incentives for the rehabilitation of commercial property for the purpose of creating and maintaining jobs. 

Redevelopment Liquor Licenses – The Liquor Control Commission may issue new public on-premises liquor licenses to local units of government. Eligible businesses must be located in the district.   For more information, please see video below.

Resources For Other Types of Assistance
Cascade Downtown Development Authority – The DDA provides programs, activities and services to improve and promote the downtown business district, known as The District. The DDA was established in 1993 in accordance with Act No. 197 of the Public Acts of 1975. The DDA consists of a nine-member board and an executive director. For additional information, visit the DDA website.
Forest Hills Business Association – The FHBA is an association made up of a variety of local businesses with a goal to promote the health and viability of the Forest Hills business community. This is accomplished through education, networking, communication, promotion, awareness, civic matters and support of community activities. The association promotes fellowship among the business community through communication, awareness, civic matters and support of activities. For additional information, please visit
Michigan Economic Development Corporation – The MEDC is the State of Michigan’s economic development agency and has a variety of resources available regarding tax incentives, small business loans, among other programs. For additional information, visit and click the “Products and Services” tab to see “A-Z programs.”
The Right Place – Serving West Michigan since 1985, The Right Place, Inc. is a regional economic development organization funded by investments from both private and public sectors. The Right Place drives regional economic development initiatives to stimulate economic growth, wealth creation and operational excellence. This is accomplished by focusing on productivity, innovation, and the retention, expansion and creation of quality employment and companies in West Michigan.  For additional information, visit